Fragrance in skincare: good or bad?

Fragrance in skincare: good or bad?

It is easy to be seduced by a pretty fragrance, but pleasant-smelling products are not always pleasant for your skin.

Dermatologists claim that fragrances are one of the leading causes of negative skin reactions and that skincare products that contain scents can be particularly harmful to those of us with sensitive skin.

Fragrances come in two forms: natural and synthetic. Synthetic fragrances have had a bad rap for some time now and are known to cause eczema and other skin reactions, but are natural fragrances really that bad?

While natural fragrances and essential oils sound like they may be better for your skin, all fragrances should be approached with caution. Fragrances impart scent through a type of reaction known as a volatile reaction, which can create a sensitising reaction on your skin. You might not even realise this is happening, as this sensitisation can occur below the skin’s surface.

So why sacrifice skin health for a sweet scent?

Skincare companies will often choose to use fragrances to boost the sensory experience of their products. They may also do it to mask the not-so-sweet natural odour of their products.  

But SumaNurica puts skin health first. That is why all our products, including the Collagen Essence Hydrating Face Mask, are fragrance-free. Our fragrance-free products give you the best chance to replenish and revive your skin health.

While fragrance-boosted products may enhance your sensory experience, the impacts that their use can have on your skin are not always positive. Opting for fragrance-free products is one fantastic way to simplify and amplify the health of your skin.