How Biotechnology skincare is stabilised

How Biotechnology skincare is stabilised

How Biotechnology Skincare is Stabilised

Biotechnology has grown in popularity throughout the world of skincare in recent years. One notable benefit on offer is the way that these processes can stabilise formulas for greater success – but what exactly does this mean? How is it achieved? Read on as we outline the basics of the biotechnology stabilisation process and why it should matter to you.

This blog explains how stabilisation is achieved through biotechnology and goes through some of the many benefits on offer from this process. To shop biotechnology skincare, browse our SumaNurica range today.

What is Biotechnology? 

In the world of skincare, biotechnology is a lab-based process for product creation. Products are engineered in controlled environments, working to recreate natural processes to benefit your skin. Biotechnology has been effectively used to produce new pharmaceuticals, yield higher crop levels, and create sustainable energy sources.

By producing synthesised proteins and peptides, all derived from natural substances, biotechnology is able to develop advanced formulations with the same genetic structures – all while minimising carbon footprints. 

Biotechnology isn’t a matter of artificial, unhealthy chemicals. It recreates organic benefits without wasting land, water, or the organic resources that botanical ingredients often do. This technique produces highly beneficial skincare without hurting the natural world.

How is Biotechnology Skincare Stabilised?

When it comes to stabilising ingredients, lab testing is the best way forward. Biotechnology is able to take the highest grade of active ingredients and engineer them to perfection. Using a controlled manufacturing environment, scientists are able to test and adapt strong skincare ingredients to stabilise them to perfection. This system ensures that products are designed to maximise benefits and minimise negative reactions.

Biotechnology skincare utilises modern methods and research-driven science to create the safest and most effective skincare formulations possible. Lab testing can engineer products that are built for success down to every last ingredient, ensuring that everything being absorbed into your skin has been stabilised to its best possible formula.

The Benefits of Stabilised Biotechnology Skincare 

What does it mean to experience stabilised skincare? Biotechnology essentially works to limit room for error. With products engineered in carefully controlled lab settings, stable formulas are built to ensure there aren’t any unwanted effects from using a product on your skin. With state-of-the-art preservation and purification techniques, you can trust biotechnology to take great care of your skin.

Genetically engineered formulas are the backbone of clean beauty, far less likely to be filled with unwanted pesticides or natural irritants. For sensitive skin types, lab stabilisation is the safest way forward. 

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