How does biotech/genetic engineering work?

How does biotech/genetic engineering work?

How does biotech/genetic engineering work?

Biotechnology is the study of science based on the body and can be broken into four key disciplines. 

- Human

- Environmental 

- Industrial 

- Animal and Plant.

Extracting a cell's genetic material, and then through genetic engineering, will result in a compound that works directly with the genetic material of the target cell. SumaNurica has utilised this technology to develop our highly effective, synthetic 'Collagen Essence' protein.

Once the target cell has been replicated, it is further engineered by using the DNA from the desired organism; for example, the SumaNurica scientists wanted to create a near human-like replication of the Collagen protein. Collagen is the building block of your body, supporting your skin and bone health. 

Utilising the bacteria extraction method, our SumaNurica scientists take the synthesised cell and insert the DNA strain of the desired protein or peptide. The synthetic protein will then take on the properties and characteristics of the DNA strand implanted within it. This is how SumaNurica was able to create the world's first bioengineered synthetic Collagen protein. A highly effective, safe, sustainable skincare innovation that can benefit any skin concern. 

How can I benefit from SumaNurica's genetically engineered synthetic Collagen?

Due to its almost skin-like qualities and ability to mimic the function of one's Collagen externally. Our SumaNurica Collagen protein can benefit any skin type. Sealed in a glass ampoule to protect the formulation from oxidising or losing potency, Our Collagen Essence Hydrating Face Mask is our universal and best-selling patented skin support system.

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