How to use GHK-Cu Repairing Serum

How to use GHK-Cu Repairing Serum

How to use GHK-Cu Repairing Serum

The GHK-Cu Repairing Serum is a soothing serum, formulated with Copper and Tripeptide-1 to relieve the appearance of redness and work to restore and strengthen your skin barrier. Nurture and nourish reactive skin with this two-part formulation to ensure the ultimate freshness to soothe and reset inflamed and sensitive skin.

Customise Your Experience

We know that every skin and concern is different. For transformative results, targeting redness and sensitivity, we recommend using the GHK-Cu Repairing Serum consistently every day, morning and night.  

As a skin reset, the GHK-Cu Repairing Serum can be used for 2 weeks to restore skin after abrasive beauty treatments or as part of a regular skin cycling regime. 

When pairing with our other SumaNurica advanced serums, use in the following order – always waiting in between for each layer to dry before applying the next:  

  1. Nonapeptide Niacinamide Rejuvenating Serum 

  2. GHK-Cu Repairing Serum

How To Use

Before applying the GHK-Cu Repairing Serum, cleanse your skin and allow it to dry. 

To activate your serum, firmly push the top down against a hard surface to release the powder into the solution. Shake thoroughly for up to 30 seconds – check the lid to ensure all the powder has been mixed into the solution.  Remove the lid (and recycle it) and replace with the dropper lid. Shake well before every use. Squeeze the dropper to draw up the serum to start applying it to your face. Ensure skin is clean, then lightly disperse the product around the parameter of the face. 

Follow this same process on other areas around the face, neck, decolletage and hands to target your concerns.  

Once dried, moisturise and apply sunscreen (in the morning) as per your usual skincare routine.  

Experience The New Era Of Skin

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