Is Biotechnology safe?

Is Biotechnology safe?

Is Biotechnology safe?

Biotechnology is the science of study on the body.  It is a process of engineering products and formulations by replicating natural processes in controlled environments. 

Biotechnology is used to produce cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, higher crop yields, and sustainable energy. It does all of this and is used in the production of skincare formulas.

Biotechnology in skincare  

In the skincare industry, biotechnology produces synthetic peptides and proteins derived from natural substances – such as fungi, yeast, and bacteria – with the same genetic structure. This means biotechnology doesn’t require the land, water, or resources that botanical ingredients do, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of production.

Biotechnology lets skincare ingredients are recreated safely and sustainably. This is a breakthrough in the skincare industry because it means there’s less room for error, more clean beauty products, and more active – and therefore effective – ingredients.

Some ingredients that can be recreated through biotechnology science are proteins and peptides that have been engineered to be nearly skin identical, meaning it’s safe for more skin types and sustainable for the environment.

Biotechnology at SumaNurica labs

Through biotechnology, our scientists have discovered how to preserve the structural integrity of peptides and proteins using a patented process. As a result, the formulas remain active and potent from lab to bottle to skin.  

The future of skincare is biotechnology.

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