The best skincare routine for combination skin

The best skincare routine for combination skin

The Best AM & PM Skincare Regime For Combination Skin  

Combination skin can be tricky to work out, which makes finding the best skincare routine even more difficult. Your skin is unique, and as such, your skincare routine will be as well— but it doesn’t have to be complicated.   

Join along as we share our simple morning and night skincare regime for people with combination skin. Remember to personalise your skincare routine for optimal results. Shop the full range of SumaNurica biotechnology products today. 

What Is Combination Skin? 

Combination skin is a combination of two or more skin types. This can include dry, oily, normal, and sensitive. Often people with combination skin will have an oily T-zone (nose, chin, and forehead) with large pores or congested skin, while the skin around their cheeks, eyes, and mouth tends to be dry.

Combination skin is largely caused by genetics, but other factors such as hormones and the environment, such as hot summers and dry winters, may influence it as well. While combination skin may be more complex to deal with than other skin types, finding the right products and using them at the right time can become a simple routine that makes a large difference.  

Caring For Combination Skin In The Morning 


Cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser in the morning aims to remove the build-up that your skin accumulated overnight. Selecting the right cleanser will hydrate and heal dry skin while controlling excess oil from dry skin.


Using a toner next will help to remove any oil your cleanser may have missed. For combination skin, this is an important step to remove oil. However, to also avoid dryness, use a small amount, do not leave the product on dry or sensitive areas, and opt for an alcohol-free product.


Your skin will thank you for every ounce of hydration you give it. This is true for all skin types, including oily skin! Oily sections of your skin may be dehydrated, which can cause those areas to produce excess oil. Hydrating these areas with a lightweight, water-based moisturiser may help to combat this, while dry areas may benefit most from a creamy formula.


SPF sunscreen is essential in every skincare routine. Ensure you don’t miss any areas, as every skin type needs sunscreen to protect it from garnering wrinkles and fine lines. Now you’re ready to apply makeup and start your day!

Caring For Combination Skin At Night 

Remove Makeup 

At the end of the day, the first step is the most important— removing your makeup. This also removes dirt and excess oil and will help your skin breathe.


Cleansing at night will remove any leftover excess oil that you accumulated throughout the day. However, ensure your cleanser contains hydrating ingredients, as these may help to nourish the skin.


For combination skin, it’s recommended to exfoliate once per week. This aims to remove dead skin cells, keep pores clear, and make sure dry areas don’t worsen.


The product you use here will depend on what your specific skincare concerns are. For anti-ageing, the Collagen Essence Hydrating Face Mask aims to hydrate your skin and support natural collagen production, giving your skin greater elasticity.


Your skincare routine should always end with a moisturiser to lock in hydration. For your evening routine, focus on areas that need moisture the most, but remember not to neglect any oily patches. 

Plus, Once A Week   

Using a powerfully hydrating mask such as the Collagen Essence Hydrating Face Mask once a week may be the skincare game-changer you’ve been searching for. The formula is nearly identical to natural skin and aims to give your skin a hydrating barrier that is easily absorbed by all skin types, including combination skin. 

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