The Top 4 Ingredients In GHK-Cu Repairing Serum

The Top 4 Ingredients In GHK-Cu Repairing Serum

The Top 4 Ingredients In GHK-Cu Repairing Serum And Why You Need Them In Your Skincare Regime.

SumaNurica's cutting-edge GHK-Cu Repairing Serum is the ultimate skin repair boost. Utilising our revolutionary two-part storage packaging and biotechnology – this formulation of superior ingredients is proven to enhance the skin’s ability to repair.

The GHK-Cu Repairing Serum is an effective anti-aging and anti-inflammatory product that forms the cornerstone of a restorative skincare regime. The impressive, combined use of the copper solution and the tripeptide-1 powder activates tissue remodelling and maintains skin stability to improve tolerance and increase skin elasticity, ultimately helping to prevent natural signs of ageing and reset inflamed and sensitive skin.

The Top Four Ingredients 

GHK-Cu (Copper tripeptide-1) – GHK-Cu is a natural growth factor composed of three amino acids and one copper ion. The main function of copper ion is to help support skin repair and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Copper Gluconate – Copper works to synthesis haemoglobin and collagen, both of which help maintain moisturised and supple skin. Copper is a powerful antioxidant which can fight against free radicals and slow down the effects of natural ageing. 

Tripeptide-1 – Tripeptide-1 can effectively promote the production of type I and type III collagen, elastin and structural glycoproteins such as laminin and fibronectin. These cells and proteins support wound repair and tissue renewal to strengthen the skin. 

Ectoin – Ectoin has a unique molecular structure that allows it to have a high absorption ability and strong water retention, making it the perfect moisturising ingredient in this serum. Strong in antioxidants, Ectoin can help to protect against damage from free radicals and may improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Superior Formulations 

In the world of skincare, the spotlight often falls on ingredients. However, the true effectiveness of these ingredients lies not only in their presence but in the skincare formulation itself. That's why our GHK-Cu Repairing Serum is so unique, it not only boasts exceptional ingredients but also utilises an innovative formulation using Biotechnology to consistently deliver safe and effective results.

Experience The New Era Of Skin

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