What is a compromised skin barrier and how do I fix it?

What is a compromised skin barrier and how do I fix it?

What is a compromised skin barrier, and how do I fix it?

Many factors could lead to a damaged skin barrier, including environment, over-exfoliating, medications, sun damage, harsh chemicals, and even ageing. From childhood, your skin barrier contains 70% water; this depletes as you grow older. 

Your skin is made up of three essential layers, the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. The epidermis acts as a protective barrier to the epidermis, which creates new skin cells, and the dermis, the base that supports your skin’s layers and is a cushion for your bones. Suppose your skin barrier is compromised (the dermis), the building blocks which keep the cells. In that case, water loss is expedited, causing the skin to become dehydrated and the barrier to the dermis, which helps to produce collagen, natural elastin that keeps skin health to an optimum level. 

A compromised skin barrier increases water loss, leading to dry, dehydrated skin and premature ageing. 

Signs your barrier is compromised:

- Skin redness

- Dryness/itchiness

- Increased breakouts

- Rashes or Eczema 

- Dullness

What to do if your skin barrier is compromised?

While some products can help a damaged skin barrier, they can also cause more harm but irritate and inflame the skin. 

SumaNurica understands this, so we have spent many years testing and perfecting a patented world-leading synthetic protein called Collagen Essence in our world-class labs. This one-of-a-kind synthetic protein is nearly skin identical which means it works harmoniously with your skin. Settling within the epidermic cell blocks, SumaNurica’s Collagen Essence acts as your natural collagen by adding hydration and protection. 

Suitable for all skin types, vegan friendly, and cruelty-free, this skincare active can be found in our Collagen Essence Hydrating Face Mask

The patented formula is 100% hydrophilic. Unlike bovine or marine collagen, our collagen proteins can absorb 30 times their weight in water. This topical sheet mask is preservative-free and comes in a single-use glass ampule, ensuring the highest possible efficacy. 

If your skin barrier is damaged, it’s highly recommended you use our Collagen Hydrating Face Mask Intensive regime. Used three times a week for two weeks, this ultimate support system works to improve hydration levels, taking the force of factors leading to the symptoms above. 


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