What is normal skin?

What is normal skin?

What is classed as a normal skin type?

Normal skin, also known as endemic, also be referred to as balanced skin. Not too dry, not too oily. Does this mean that people with normal skin don't experience breakouts or dryness? Answered; no. Normal skin is simply a definition for an outer dermis that is balanced to the correct ratio between oily and dehydrated. Those with a normal skin type still experience breakouts and dryness – however, it's not a constant. It means that it's not producing excess sebum, which results in an oily skin type or dryness, flakey, dehydrated-looking skin. Normal skin does not imply perfect skin health. Treating your normal skin with a consistent skincare routine is still incredibly important. It is also vital to always use SPF and hydrate. Despite having skin type defined as normal, it is just as subtable to the same issues and adverse symptoms that any other skin type is. 

What symptoms that you have may mean you have normal skin?

  • Generally well balanced, not too oily, not too dry
  • Occasionally experience an oily T-Zone
  • Occasionally experience dryness, specifically around the nose or mouth area
  • Skin is relatively clear from breakouts, aka pimples

What does it take to have normal skin

  • Generally, this is put down to genetics
  • Well-balanced water to oil profile
  • Diet
  • A consistent and well-balanced skincare routine
  • Generally tolerates most types of skincare
  • Low maintenance in terms of active skincare

How can SumaNurica help dry Normal skin concerns?

People with the textbook 'Normal skin' are still susceptible to all the symptoms other skin types experience. Dryness and flakiness, or a breakout of pimples, if these occur, indicate the genetic balance of your skin has been thrown out. Examples such as getting sunburnt, medications, overconsumption of alcohol, bad diet, and hormones can contribute to someone's normal type of skin becoming off balance. Normal skin types are generally rare; as described above, they are still susceptible to breakouts and dryness; given they are infrequent, this is when the term 'normal' comes in. 

How can SumaNurica support Normal skin symptoms?

Despite what some may say is Normal and requires a minimalistic skincare regime, this can change at any moment. Things such as hormones, stress, or change in diet can throw the 'oil to water' balance out instantly. So hydration, exfoliation, and detoxification are crucial to normal skin health. Our Collagen Essence Hydrating Face Mask is the perfect partner for the normal skin type. It maintains hydration in the skin, which is the primary cause of the imbalance (excluding a fatty diet) or hormones related to phases in life such as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause. It is still critical that those with a normal skin type are conscious of their skincare regime. If the skin's ideal balance is thrown off, it could result in dryness, flakiness, blemishes, or even acne. What should you do with your normal skincare regime, depending on your age? The typical phases of life will arrive, and your regime should reflect said changes. Anti-ageing is a fantastic thing to be thinking about in your early thirties. Begin to add ingredients like retinol, niacinamide, and Vitamin B&C to keep your skin in balance.

Most importantly, ensure your skin barrier and the epidermis are hydrated and protected with an SPF. Using SPF50+ daily will ensure your skin's ideal ratio is maintained, along with protection with SPF from things such as environmental damage and UVA + UVB rays. A simple yet incredibly effective addition to your regime would be our best-selling Collagen Essence Hydrating Face Mask. Suitable and beneficial for all skin types.

Our Collagen Essence Hydrating Face Mask – Maintenance Regime 

Given your skin's oil-to-water balance must remain intact, SumaNurica's patented Collagen Essence is a highly recommended addition to your skincare regime. Those with a Normal skin type generally enjoy a more basic regime, so hydration will always be high on the list of mandatories to maintain it. Our Collagen Essence protects and delivers a boost of hydration, maintaining the correct balance. The SumaNurica near-skin identical, patented Collagen Essence prevents water from escaping through the skin barrier. A 'water locking' effect helps the skin stay youthful and glowing and prevents breakouts or dryness. 

To maintain what is ultimately defined as a 'Normal Skin Type,' we recommend you first try our Collagen Essence Hydrating Face Mask – Maintenance Regime

Infused with our world-class Collagen Essence, with nearly skin-identical properties, you will experience a source of hydration that absorbs immediately. Used once a week, it helps the skin stay hydrated and protected from the elements, reducing the risk of unnecessary breakouts or dryness.

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