Your how-to guide for 'skin cycling'

Your how-to guide for 'skin cycling'

Your How-To Guide for 'Skin Cycling'

Skincare trends can be difficult to keep up with. Some, however, are long-lasting and packed with benefits - and that’s where skin cycling falls. This method essentially works to make skincare easy to understand, outlining clear steps for maximised results. If you’re looking for a simple routine that can help you build a customised skincare regime, skin cycling is worth a try.

This article outlines the basics of skin cycling, its benefits, and how to build your own personalised regime. To browse world-leading skin health formulas, shop SumaNurica’s biotech skincare range today.

What is Skin Cycling?

Skin cycling is a viral skincare method designed to maximise the success of active ingredients by carefully planning out use. It allows for both treatment and recovery by giving your skin breaks from certain products as needed. 

This method is put in place during your nighttime skincare routine, creating a four-night system in which active ingredients such as exfoliants, retinoids, and barrier creams are spread out in a particular order. This allows you to enjoy and note the benefits of each without using too much or too little.

This routine is a wonderful way to read your skin thoroughly. As you implement skin cycling, you’ll be able to notice effects and link them back to particular products. This allows you to adjust your skincare routine accordingly, ensuring that you are only using products that show positive differences in the most strategic and effective manners possible. 

Benefits of Skin Cycling

Overall, any skin type will be able to benefit from skin cycling. The system effectively works to help everyone to build a healthy skincare routine by singling out products and adjusting use to maximise results. Sensitive skin types, in particular, can benefit from spreading out their use of exfoliants and retinoids to find products and quantities that work best with their unique skincare needs. 

Through skin cycling, routines are easily adjusted for success, and anybody can find a system that works best for them.

How to Build a Skin Cycling Routine

Night One: Exfoliation

The first night of skin cycling is typically set aside for exfoliation. Here, you use an exfoliating product that can clear away dirt, dead skin cells, and any other build-up across the surface of the skin. By removing this layer of dead skin cells and unwanted dirt, subsequent products will be able to penetrate the skin successfully and garner better results. 

Night Two: Retinoids

For the second night of cycling, retinoids are essential. Versatile and well-loved in the world of skincare, retinoids are a vital ingredient for any effective skincare routine. Most people, however, cannot tolerate the effects on a nightly basis and will give up if they notice irritation or dryness as a result. By using retinoids once every four nights, you can get your skin used to the effects gradually and enjoy all the cleansing results over time.

Nights Three and Four: Hydration

The final two nights of skin cycling are dedicated to nourishing and treating the skin. While exfoliants and retinoids are designed to renew the skin and exfoliate it, hydrating products are there to rebuild and recover. Nourishing the skin’s microbiome and repairing its protective barriers is essential to great skincare and will leave you feeling dewy and glowing. For a revolutionary formula with endlessly nourishing results, we recommend our GHK-Cu Repairing Serum for this step. Your skin will thank you for it.

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When it comes to your skincare routine, success depends on the products you use. To make skin cycling work for you and your skin, you need products that are backed by science and research.

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